Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world and the center of the region’s political and cultural life. It is the ideal destination for people who wish to be amidst the culture and tradition of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.  The city still reeks of its old world charm, but continues to expand its horizons as a new world city.

Arabic is the native language spoken here. However, a significant number of people also speak English, French and Italian. Good international English schools are available for those relocating with their children. Another comprehensive list can be seen at the official Egypt guide site. There are many government and private universities imparting education to both men and women.

Although many people have apprehensions, Cairo has an open attitude towards women and gives equal opportunities to them in their education and career. There are a few sites like e-dar and 3quary that will help you with property listings in and around Cairo. However, options and prices are better if you use the services of local real estate agents. Cairo has a relatively much lower cost of living compared to US and UK and thus you can rent or buy a good apartment, villa or house for quite competitive prices.


Staying a little far from office is not a problem as public transport is quite advanced here. This includes taxis, privately owned public buses, microbuses and the metro. Cairo is a beautiful place for a tourist – full of exotic culture and tradition. Apart from many Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Pharaonic monuments, there are also casinos, discos, night clubs, cinemas and cultural centres.

From Cairo, almost all the Egypt pyramids are close by, with the Great Pyramids of Giza just at the border of the city. It is a place for lovers of the sun and even winter afternoons are pleasant with a hint of sun at 20° C (68° F). The sights, sounds, food and people of Cairo are what make you want to stay there longer. Shopaholics can delight themselves with spices, perfumes, carpets, jewellery and much more from street markets. Make sure you don’t miss this city during your journeys in the world!