The western coast of central Africa is home to luscious forests, ecologically diverse habitats, and a milieu of cultures and tribes that give the societies of the countries in the area a unique and intense boldness.  The Ivory Coast (or, as the government of the country prefers it to be called, Cote d’Ivoire, from the original French) has traditionally been one of the most prosperous and attractive of the many countries lining the central western area of the continent, and has drawn many tourists and expats over the years, with its magnificent countryside, and its rich cultural scene.

The foreigners moving to the Ivory Coast are all attracted by different opportunities, of course.  Some move to the larger cities like Abidjan, Boauakke, and Yamoussokro (the capital) with work assignments in the financial or corporate sectors, since these are the principal locations where such activities are undertaken.  Others, however, move to the Ivory Coast looking for some of the good old fashioned natural getaways that still abound in west Africa, and which the Ivory Coast has fortunately managed to preserve rather well.  The northern part of the country, near Burkina Faso and Mali, has some spectacular, gently sloping mountain peaks, giving way to the vast and fertile plateau that stretches down to the south and toward the sea.  Coffe and cacao, two of the Ivory Coasts biggest products on the global market, are abundant throughout this entire region, taking up a good portion of the country.

Anybody can get an idea of some of the real estate opportunities in the Ivory Coast, both in the urban and rural areas.  Also, there is a good guide on some of the residency and visa requirements imposed by the government for foreigners looking to set up shop over the long term.

Polishing up one’s French before going will obviously be a good idea, since it will probably be a whole lot easier to learn this language as compared to learning one of the various tribal dialects that permeate the country.  As with many ex-French colonies in the region, French remained as a sort of lingua franca which is used between speakers of different dialects to manage business and trade necessities.  At least dominating some basic vocabulary is a must.

As for some general tips to help newcomers to this diverse and fascinating nation, it’s always a good idea to do some basic research for basic dos and don’ts, etc.  You should also do some research for some details on demographics, religions, and cultural issues.