Tropical paradise is one of the first things to come across most people’s minds when thinking of Jamaica, and with good reason.  This small island nation in the Caribbean is diligently and responsibly taken care of by its inhabitants, leaving one of the most delectable ecosystems in the area for locals and foreigners alike to enjoy.  In fact, cultural mingling is one of the biggest legacies of Jamaica: different influences have been intermixing and influencing each other for centuries in this Caribbean island, with English, French, Spanish, Creole, African, and even indigenous traditions leaving their imprint on the fabric of modern Jamaican culture.  That kind of variety is what sets the country apart from many of its neighbors in the Caribbean basin, where the influence of one of these factors would have significantly more weight than all the rest.

Fortunately, Jamaica is a very friendly country, and one where relocation is made a lot more simple than in other countries.  Purchasing real estate and entering for long term residencies is infinitely more streamlined in terms of paperwork and bureaucratic restrictions that would be the case in many other countries in the hemisphere.  That, combined with the fact that there is a solid network of healthcare coverage opportunities as well as a relatively decent cost of living index (when compared to US standards) make Jamaica a very enticing destination.

Given its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations, Jamaica has received some tremendous benefits, resulting in the country being more infrastructurally developed than many of its neighbors.  Excellent hospitals are not hard to come by, and given the size of the country, will never be more than an hour or two away by car.  The general standard of living is also relatively high, with education levels being among the highest in the region.

For those considering moving to Jamaica, it might be a good idea to read up on some basic issues (expenses, where to shop, what not to do, etc.).  Furthermore, one can get some options on the real estate market: fortunately, Jamaica is a buyer’s market, so investment opportunities are well worth the look in this sector.

If you are looking for a more detailed appraisal of the cultural influences and diversity that permeate this small island nation, take a look at this well-written article, which will give a more in depth perspective.  And lastly, as far as the requirements for moving to Jamaica on a long term basis are concerned, visit, which succinctly encapsulates everything a US migrant would need to know about resituating to this splendid tropical paradise.