South America is a wonderful continent with many interesting, distinct countries, but one of its finest parts is Argentina. This enormous country has everything a person could ever want, whether it is big city living or ice trekking, Argentina has the answer. The capital city, Buenos Aires, is home to three million people with an additional couple million living in the greater Buenos Aires area. The country has become very urbanized since the majority of the population is located in the larger cities. Argentina is a massive country but there are large expanses of land where few people live. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with a strong European feel thanks to the architecture and the population being heavily comprised of European descendents. Due to the rich culture of the city and the favorable exchange rate, 3.6 pesos to the dollar, there is a large expatriate community in Buenos Aires. Finding people with similar backgrounds can make exploring the country much more fun.

Due to the urbanization of Argentina, the population is very well educated and a large amount of English speaking individuals can be found there.  While there are people who speak English, it is still vitally importan for people moving to the country to learn Spanish in order to get around and engage in day to day activities. Buenos Aires is a very culturally rich city where people can spend their days admiring fine architecture and pass hours at one of the many cafes and enjoy delicious dinners with fine wine at night. There are numerous museums, theaters, and hisotrical districts within the city that make it an exciting and enriching place to live.  Argentine people are also exceptionally friendly and helpful so settling in can be made that much easier. The economy in Argentina has a history of instability so it is best if foreigners can seek employment with an international business that operates in Argentina rather than trying to find employment there.

Agriculture and livestock comprise the majority of Argentina’s economy. The country is world renowned for their steak and wine so if someone has an interest in either of these industries then Argentina is definitely a great choice. Individuals who are looking to spend some quality time in the outdoors would absolutely love the southern part of Argentina known as Patagonia. This massive area offers everything from whale watching to glacier trekking. The Andes mountain range separate Argentina and Chile, providing excellent hiking and winter activities as well. The north of Argentina has a more historical, colonial component and that is where people will find more of an indigenous influence rather than European. Gaining citizenship in Argentina is quite straightforward. A person must get a temporary residency visa and renew it each year for three years and at the end of their third year living in the country they receive their permanent residency visa. At the end of five years continuously living in Argentina, a person can apply for citizenship.