Cuba is a beautiful and exotic Caribbean island but getting past the border can be a daunting task. If you are a United States citizen, moving to Cuba is essentially out of the question, to put it bluntly. To even visit Cuba a U.S. citizen has to be licensed by the Department of Treasury and only select types of travelers are allowable, and those who are licensed need to obtain a visa as well. For people from most of the rest of the world, travel to Cuba is possible with a passport and a travel visa if the individual does not have a Tourist Card.

While traveling to Cuba is an option for most people in the world, residing there is a whole other issue. Many who have entertained the idea of living in Cuba would describe the process of obtaining residency as nearly impossible. A very determined person can seek out a company that has made an investment in Cuba and try to gain employment there or seek out an eligible Cuban and marry them. Though these two routes might work, they are not guaranteed paths to residency.


Chances of being allowed to remain in Cuba are increased if an individual possesses a specific professional skill that the country is in need of and even then the process of acquiring residency can take many years and entail a lot of hoop jumping.

Residency aside, people looking to move to Cuba will probably have an easier time finding necessities such as food, clothing, and housing since the Cuban currency has a very attractive exchange rate with foreign currency. One U.S. dollar can be exchanged for about 23.1 pesos. Though Cuba is a communist country limited amounts of free-market measures have been allowed since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of Cuba’s largest economic supporter. The few free market allowances in Cuba take the form of foreign investors and there lies the only option for a foreigner to find employment in Cuba.

Being in the Caribbean, residents of Cuba live in close proximity to other gorgeous islands such as the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Caymans. The tropical weather means nice warm temperatures that are kept moderate by the passing trade winds. Living in Cuba also offers the opportunity to learn Spanish, a highly useful skill when considering vacationing in neighbouring Mexico.

Acquiring residency in Cuba is quite the task, but if you are able to achieve it, there are few places as naturally beautiful as this island.