Located on the Western coast of Central America, El Salvador is a geographically small country filled with many interesting people and
places. Known mostly for its exportation of coffee, the industrialization of El
Salvador has brought in a surge of immigrants wanting to live within its
borders. To join these ranks of foreigners looking to make a home for
themselves in El Salvador, an individual must apply for temporary residency.
There is a lot of paperwork involved and discussing matters with the local
consulate before jumping on a plane is advised. Proof of employment is
necessary for temporary residency, or you can apply as a retired person but you
must have proof of having an income of at least 1,000 U.S. dollars a month in
order to do so. Temporary residency needs to be renewed every three years and
permanent residency can eventually be applied for.

El Salvador chose to adopt the U.S. dollar as it’s currency
in 2004 and as a result there has been stagnation in wages. This stagnation has
also meant that diversification within the economy has not had a chance to
really occur so employment options are not abundant, especially to foreigners.
Tourism is growing in the country thanks to its lovely beaches and easily
accessibility to the United States through frequent flights. The growing
population and urbanization of the country leaves little natural wonders out
there for exploration, but the beaches and amazing surfing conditions draw
people from all over the world to the shores of El Salvador.

El Salvador

While tourism is growing in El Salvador and there is a strong American influence in the major areas of attraction, developing a working knowledge of Spanish makes it much easier to navigate through the cities and towns. Getting a grasp of the language also allows foreigners to better connect with the culture surrounding them and feel more comfortable in their new country of residence. Understanding Spanish will also come in handy
when traveling to the conveniently close neighboring countries of Guatemala and Honduras. Perfecting your Spanish in El Salvador will then allow you to travel that much more comfortably throughout Central and South America.

Establishing a home in El Salvador allows you numerous
opportunities to enjoy life. San Salvador provides the fast pace and night life
of a big city, while the beaches along the coast let you enjoy the tropical
weather of the country. The chance for personal enrichment through the learning of another language and culture and the proximity to other countries and cultures makes El Salvador an ideal place to set up a new life.