Nestled in the very middle of South America, Paraguay is the “Heart of America” (as the locals refer to their country).  A landlocked country bordered to the south by Argentina, to the east and northeast by Brazil, and to the northwest by Bolivia, Paraguay lies mostly in a subtropical climate zone with vast swaths of the national terrain being covered by lush forests.  The population of over 6 million individuals is a vibrant melting pot of European, Native American, African and even certain Middle Eastern demographics, which makes of Paraguayan society a truly diverse entity.  Much of the population lives in or around the major urban centers, and the western tracts of territory that are collectively known as the Chaco are a vast and sparsely populated landscape.

Many factors have combined to make Paraguay an attractive destination for folks looking to relocate abroad, as the country has plenty to offer such émigrés.  First of all, with a very favorable exchange rate (for those possessing dollar or euro savings), the cost of living in Paraguay is extremely low when compared to other countries in the western hemisphere.  In fact, the capital of Asunción has been ranked as the most affordable city in the world to live in for five consecutive years, which has surely attracted the attention of people intent on finding a location that will maximize their purchasing power.

Furthermore, it is very easy for foreigners to buy land in Paraguay, and there are absolutely zero restrictions on how large a lot a foreigner can buy—the only restrictions here apply to Brazilians, Argentines and Bolivians trying to buy land along the border, a touchy subject that stirs up resentments left over from previous conflicts between these states earlier in their independent history.  Such land purchases are a very rewarding endeavor for many foreign investors, as most Paraguayan soil is very fertile and there is strong agricultural and livestock economic activity in the country (with this tiny nation exporting a disproportionately high amount of beef, as well as other food products).  Check out some listings of property sales.

The official languages in Paraguay are Guaraní and Spanish, and most people in the country speak both more or less fluently.  Obtaining a residency permit in Paraguay is not a very complicated matter, and before heading to the country individuals will need to obtain authenticated (read: with apostille) copies of their birth certificate, medical history, and police background check, all of which will need to be presented to the Paraguayan Consulate in the country of origin.  Once in Paraguay, the process continues through the Department of Immigrations; it is advisable to contract the services of a lawyer to help expedite this process.

The country boasts a variety of gorgeous natural landscapes and is rife with travel opportunities; click here to visit for a fairly comprehensive listing of important organizations and destinations.  Furthermore, check out some expat perspectives for a unique viewpoint.