One of the tinier and less frequented of the Caribbean nations, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most charming and genuine destinations in the Lesser Antilles chain of islands.  The country is divided into two islands, as the name implies, and they lie only a few hundred miles off the northern coast of South America.  The climate is very pleasant, with beautiful temperatures common all year round—not to mention the precious beaches and the clear blue water.

The great thing about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is that it has all the charm of a quaint place, unlike many other island nations of the Caribbean that have been stripped of their identity and culture by excessive and unrepentant development projects and so forth.  Though the amount of tourism and foreign emigres headed to the country is lower than that of some of the other islands in the Caribbean, this has absolutely nothing to do with the natural beauty or cultural attractiveness of the nation.  Quite to the contrary: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have one of the most illustrious and respectable histories in the region, with a mixed British and French colonial past (with independence only coming in 1979).

There is every reason that an expat would choose to move to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  First of all, with a very affordable cost of living, people relocating from the US will find that their savings stretch quite well on the islands.  Fortunately, the shopping options are quite good in the country, unlike many of its neighbors, with the incoming shipments of goods being very constant and reliable.  The official language on the island is English, which further makes the integration process manageable and pleasant for native speakers of this language.

One reason that many expats choose to move to the country is because of the relatively favorable tax system, which is considerably more manageable than that in place at home for lots of expats.  Explore a list of factors to keep in mind when moving to the country. This website touches on various topics of interest to expats.  Furthermore, check out a slightly more business-oriented perspective on the country.  Land ownership in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is fairly easy—especially when compared to the regimes in place in neighboring nations—and all that needs to be done is to obtain a license from the government, which usually takes between 10 and 14 weeks’ time.  Check out some current real estate listings. This site has plenty of quality properties that expats will find attractive.  Lastly, consider getting in touch with the country’s officials to make the relocation process as easy as possible; remember, the sooner you verify the procedures, the easier the process will be!