Sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful place to consider living. Boasting the largest economy in the Central American and Caribbean area, setting up a life in the Dominican Republic is an entirely feasible idea. While agriculture has always been the most important part of the country’s economy, the service industry has now surpassed agriculture as the main employer of Dominicans. The continuous rise of the tourist industry means more employment opportunities for Dominicans and foreigners alike. Being hired by a foreign company that has operations in the Dominican Republic is another reliable way to obtain employment.

In order to become a resident of the Dominican Republic an individual must obtain a residence visa. The application for this visa requires that the applicant have an employment agreement of proof of a real estate investment in order to be eligible for the visa. The visa is necessary before a person can be granted a provisional residence card which they must apply for within 60 days after being issued their residence visa. After a year with the provisional residence card the individual can then apply for a permanent residence card.


The location of the Dominican Republic makes it an enviable place to live. Sharing an island with Haiti makes the exploration of the neighboring country extremely easy. Residents of the Dominican Republic are also very close to other Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Caymans. The Dominican Republic has its own peso that it uses and the dollar to peso exchange is extremely good. One U.S. dollar can get you about 36 Dominican pesos. With such a favorable exchange rate, getting a job might not seem too pressing but employment would be the best way to get a residence visa as well as get immersed in the culture. Living in the Dominican Republic is the perfect opportunity to learn and practice Spanish.

The Dominican Republic is also filled with natural beauty that deserves exploring. Four fairly large mountain ranges populate the island and provide excellent trails for hiking through the tropical forestry. The mountains also have the effect of creating the beautiful and rich valleys where most of the country’s agriculture takes place. The breathtaking beaches are met by dazzling blue water and numerous little islands can be found right off the coast. The potential for island hopping alone is reason enough to consider making a home in the Dominican Republic.