If you’ve been searching for a gorgeous place to settle down, you’ll need to look no further than a short hop across the Caribbean Ocean from the United States. Just north of Venezuela, this chain of islands offers friendly people, gorgeous beaches, and pleasant weather just about year round. In fact, you get the best of both worlds; while sunny skies abound all year, Trinidad and Tobago lies outside of the hurricane belt.

Trinidad and Tobago is unique from other islands in the Caribbean in that it doesn’t rely on tourism as its main source of revenue. Instead, petroleum and petrochemicals fuel much of the economy. This has led to the country’s development into the richest independent nation in the Caribbean. For people relocating, that means increased opportunity. Many folks moving here from the United States and Europe are employees of petroleum companies. While this makes prices somewhat higher, it also gives you the benefit of an already established gringo community. English is the main language used in Trinidad and Tobago but is some parts of the country other languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi dialects are used.

Trinidad and Tobago

You’ll want to do some research and find some tips on relocating before you make the big move. While visas aren’t required for a stay of up to 90 days for citizens of most countries, you’ll need to figure out other plans if you intend to make this beautiful country your home.

If you’re thinking of visiting to scope out the scene, consider traveling during Carnival. Trinidad is the birthplace of many of the island sounds you associate with the Caribbean, including calypso and steelpan. Everyone’s favorite dance, the limbo, was created here as well. Trinisoca has all sorts of great information to fill you in on the hottest Carnival spots. The food in Trinidad and Tobago is also quite good, consisting of spicy concoctions spread over chicken, lamb, and beef. These recipes are most commonly referred to as “Jerk”.

When you make the inevitable decision to relocate to Trinidad and Tobago, you’ll want to start a search for a home. These don’t come cheap; with all of the gas and oil flowing through the economy, home prices at the top of the spectrum are quite high. You may want to consider purchasing a track of land, and then building structures yourself, as labor is relatively inexpensive.

It doesn’t really get much better than retirement (or relocation) to the beautiful island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. With proper research, you can find a beautiful home to spend the rest of your days.