Though small in size, Uruguay has a lot to offer both tourists and residents. Moving to this lovely little country is a great idea for anyone looking to adopt a more tranquil lifestyle and develop some language skills by studying and speaking the native language, Spanish. Located in the southeastern part of South America, Uruguay is one of the best places on the continent to relocate to because it has been one of the most successful countries to move away from the South American trend of corruption. Along with Chile, Uruguay is the least corrupt country on the continent and it also has some of the freest political and labor conditions. In addition to not being corrupt, Uruguay is one of the richest countries in the Americas with a high GDP and it proudly holds the 45th spot on the world list of quality of life.

Working in Uruguay has become a more diversified possibility as the economy is increasing incorporating other business besides agricultural exports. While agriculture still comprises a large portion of the country’s economy, it was the first country in Latin America to start exporting software. The unemployment rate is under 7.2%, so this indicates that there is a pretty stable job market available. In order to obtain residency in Uruguay a person must apply to the Direccion Nacional de Migracion, which is the country’s immigration authority. The documents that an individual will need are a birth certificate, a marriage certificate if applicants are a married couple, criminal record, and proof of income. The proof of income just needs to show that a person has a steady income of at least $6,000 a year. Hiring an immigration lawyer is the best way to make this process as quick as simple as possible.

The geographical location of Uruguay is ideal because it provides the country with warm summers and mild winters, perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful beaches that adorn its 200 miles of coast. Of the 2.8 million people who live in Uruguay, about eighty percent live within the vacinity of the capital city of Montevideo. This beautiful, old city is filled with pre-colonial architecture, as is the historic small city of Colonia del Sacramento. These historic locations are filled with interesting building and museums that outline the history of the little country. Uruguay is the perfect resting place for beach lovers as well. Punta del Este is becoming the newest hot spot for beach goers in South America.

This beautiful little city is booming with tourists and Uruguayans alike thanks to its amazing beaches and fun night life. Uruguay is a great place to move to for people who are looking to make the most out of life and perhaps slow down a little to enjoy the journey a bit more.