This capital of Mexico, Mexico City* is a rare marriage of history and modernity. At 571 square miles, it is one of the biggest cities in the world and also one of the oldest. The city is said to have originally been built by the Aztecs in 1325 AD. It is one of the most important and richest cities in Latin America. However, there is a large disparity between the rich and the poor, leading to high rise buildings on the one hand and small settlements on the other.

Jobs in Mexico City are aplenty, with more than half the country’s industrial output being generated from here. The biggest industries are textiles, chemicals, electronics, plastics, furniture, metals and pharmaceuticals. Web portals like Jobs Abroad and 3wjobs will help you find English speaking jobs in Mexico City. However, it is a better option to go through a headhunter or the newspaper classifieds, as options are more in these mediums. Good advice on finding a job in Mexico can be found Expat Exchange and

For those people getting children to Mexico City, there are a few international schools that teach English as a first language. Children can only attend private schools as Mexican citizenship is required to attend public schools that are given aid by the government. Universities in Mexico mainly provide education in Spanish, and Alliant International University is the only university in Mexico that imparts education in English. It is very important to know Spanish if you are in Mexico City as a majority of  the people aren’t well versed with English.


Mexico City has a lot of offer to tourists, with many rich palaces. Known as the City of Palaces, it also holds the beautiful Historic Centre, which has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visit their tourism site for lots of information on cultural sites, amusement parks, sports venues, food shopping and nightlife. Weather in Mexico City is more or less the same at any time of the year with temperatures ranging from highs of 21° C to 26° C (70° F to 79° F) to lows of 6° C to 12° C (43° F to 54° F). However, from June to September, the city witnesses a lot of rains and with it, flooding.

Getting around is very easy here as the public transport system is well developed. You can cruise the city using the Mexico City Metro*, the Xochimilco Light Rail, trolleybus, Mexico City Metrobus*, buses and taxis. So hop on and take in the sights of this beautiful city!

*Original page in Spanish. Link provided is of the web page translated by Google.