For people looking to make a change of scenery, Central Asia is a good place to look.  One country in particular is a great choice for a person who prefers a drier, more arid climate and that is Turkmenistan. Eighty percent of Turkmenistan is covered by the Karakum Desert and the remaining twenty percent does not have a lot of precipitation either. This is the ideal climate for individuals who suffer from joint aches and pains such as the ones induced by arthritis. People with an interest in languages would also enjoy the challenge of learning the country’s language, Turkmen.

While a substantial amount of the country is covered with desert, there is 1,099 miles of Turkmenistan shore that runs along the Caspian Sea. This expansive amount of shore makes for some lovely days spent at the beach. Individuals looking to move to Turkmenistan might have a lot of free time because working in the country is quite difficult. The latest unemployment rate estimate has the country at sixty percent unemployment with fifty-eight percent of the population living below the poverty line.

BAKU - MAY 10, 2015: Athletes Village on May 10 in BAKU, Azerbaijan. Baku Azerbaijan will host the first European Games
BAKU – MAY 10, 2015: Athletes Village on May 10 in BAKU, Azerbaijan. Baku Azerbaijan will host the first European Games

The visa process in order to enter Turkmenistan is rather extensive. An individual must obtain a visa application form from the Embassy of Turkmenistan. A person must submit a signed passport as well as a copy of its first page. Payment for the visa must also be submitted, the cost depends on how long an individual plans to stay in the country and how many times they will be coming and out. If a person is going to visit someone or a company they must also submit a letter of invitation from the individual being visited or the company and the letter must be certified by the State Foreign Citizens Registration Service of Turkmenistan. For people who are not visiting someone or a company, they must contact a travel agency in Turkmenistan.

While it is a rather extensive process to get into the country, a person can do some fun exploring in Turkmenistan.The capital city of Ashgabat has many museums that outline the interesting history of the country. There is also avery impressive presidential palace located in the city. Turkmenistan is also a great location of horse lovers because an important part of Turkmenistan’s culture are the unique horses they have called the Akhal-Teke horse. These particular horses are known for the intelligence and speed. The open geography of Turkmenistan is the perfect setting for these horses to really let loose. People can arrange to ride them outside of the main city of Ashgabat, but onlypeople with a lot of horse riding experience should attempt to ride. For those with an interest in horses but lacking riding experience there are horse races in the spring and autumn at the Hippodrome in the main city of Ashgabat. Just six miles south of the city is the Turkmenbashi Stud Farm where these special horses are bred.