Individuals who wish to live among nature’s finest work should seriously consider moving to Vietnam. Located on the far eastern side of the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam is the sixteenth most biodiverse country on the planet. About forty percent of the country’s
area consists of mountains, with only twenty percent of level land in the whole country. This composition of rolling hills and lush green forests makes for astounding natural beauty and a diverse population of flora and fauna. The government has a put a lot of effort into preserving the country’s natural splendor, establishing 126 conservation areas and 28 national parks.

All of this natural beauty is a huge draw for tourism, which is one of the largest industries in Vietnam. The country also has a fair amount of natural resources as well. Vietnam exports a sizeable amount of coal and has reasonably sized deposits of phosphates, chromate, bauxite, and manganese. There is also a fair amount of oil and gas deposits offshore, making crude oil one of the countries biggest exports along with agricultural goods. Finding a job in the oil industry or manufacturing are the best bets for foreigners settling into the country. Agriculture employs the majority of the population so individuals who are interested in getting into that type of work also have plenty of opportunities. The United States is one of the countries main trading partners so if it is possible to be employed by a U.S. company that works with Vietnam, that would probably be the best arrangement.

Vietnam has a very interesting history, going all the way back to its independence from China to the Vietnam War, the country has experienced quite a bit. There are numerous museums and temples throughout the country that are spectacularly interesting, providing
vast amounts of information and interesting places to discover. One area of particular interest is Halong Bay which has been deemed a World Heritage Site due to its unique and mysterious natural beauty. The bay has more than 3,000 islands scattered throughout its waters and the surrounding land is filled with limestone grottos and caves. Many legends have been inspired by this area due to the mysterious, almost eerie nature of the water and rock formations. Becoming a citizen of this beautiful country entails applying to government authorities. If a person has at least one parent who has Vietnamese citizenship, then they are considered by the government to also be a Vietnamese citizen.

Vietnam is a wonderful place to relocate to due to its abundant natural beauty, rich history, and rapidly growing economy. Now is a great time to move to Vietnam because in the past decade it has had some of the highest economic growth in the world. Becoming a part of this burgeoning country is a great idea.