Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands with a population of more than a million people. The name Amsterdam originates from Amstel dam i.e. a dam in the river Amstel. It is the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands and has a port with historical and economical importance.  There are only a few jobs sites in English – Undutchables, Blue Lynx, Xpat Jobs, Job in Amsterdam.

Children over 5 years of age have to necessarily go to school in Amsterdam. There are many primary and secondary schools that teach with Dutch as their first language. There are a few international schools that provide English and bilingual education. For higher education, the Netherlands offers research oriented universities and vocational universities, of which most also have courses in English.

The Netherlands is a very family friendly country and offers many family and health benefits to all people living there. Amsterdam has also created an Expatcenter to meet the needs of international companies and their expatriate employees. It is highly suggested, though, that you learn Dutch as it is the language that people are most comfortable with.

Weather is pleasant to cold with average highs in summer going up to 22° C (72° F) and average lows going down to 0° C (32° F). This makes it perfect for a trip to a nearby smoking coffee shop and long meals! For tourists, their official tourist website will provide you with all the information you will need for your trip. Like the rest of Europe, Amsterdam has beautiful architecture and is filled with museums and art galleries. There are many events and festivals around the year that appeal to various tastes of a diverse people. Public transport is also very reliable with extensive train, tram, metro, bus and ferry networks. If preferred, you can also rent bikes, cars, scooters and boats to make your journey more memorable.