Cyprus is a very popular place for European ex-Pats to retire to. When people refer to Cypus, generally they are referring to Southern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is a Turkish Republic, and although much cheaper than South Cyprus it has many issues. It is currently under occupation by the Turkish army which makes it a less than ideal place to buy property or retire. Rules of immigration are different and even EU nationals can only stay in Northern Cyprus for 90 days without applying for residence.

The Republic of Cyprus, or Southern Cyprus has much to recommend it as a great place to move to. It has a low tax lifestyle, and levies only 5% tax on pensions and other earned income. It is in fact the lowest tax location in Europe, so if that is your prime reason for relocating, then look no further! Other inducements are the sunny warm Mediterranean climate, the cheap flights to the rest of Europe and the UK pension is index-linked which is not the case in many countries. The only downside is the petty theft which is something to be aware of.

As a member of the European Union, theoretically those from other EU member states have the right to live and work in Cyprus. However you will need to register. It is wise to check the immigration and visa requirements, particularly if you plan to be employed there.

Your driving license is sufficient initially for you to get out driving on the Cyprus roads, but this is only short-term. You will need to look into local driving requirements. The cars drive on the left, and there are steep fines for failing to use a seat-belt, speeding and failing to use a helmet when riding on a motorcycle. You will also need your passport to visit North Cyprus. Take extra care as other drivers may not be as careful as you may expect them to be and the rate of accidents is high.


Healthcare is very affordable even if you do not buy ex-Pat health insurance. Initially agreements between EU countries will cover emergency procedures but healthcare is not free at source for everyone, as in the UK. The standards of healthcare and dental treatment are excellent and Cyprus is high on the list for medical tourists who travel specifically for medical treatment.

Property and utility prices are generally lower than in the UK, and there are minimal heating bills in the winter. There is an abundance of real estate available for rent out of season, but in the summer season prices rise dramatically, so time your move carefully if you are thinking of renting. Research the various areas of Cyprus carefully to see where will suit you best. Do you want to be by the sea or inland; in the more rural areas or in the towns where there may be more ex-Pat communities? You need to find a reliable local estate agent or realtor to assist you in purchasing a property. You will also need legal counsel to avoid any future legal disputes over your rights.

You may wish to consult an international moving company to organize importing your effects. You can use shipping containers by sea or an overland service is available. Pets covered by the European Pets Passport Scheme are welcomed but need to be quarantined for 6 weeks.