The Phoenix city of Warsaw is called so because it was damaged considerably during World War II and rebuilt by the Polish its citizens. Since then, the city has built itself into a financial and cultural capital of Poland and is even considered as one of the tallest cities in Europe, with a huge number of skyscrapers. Jobs in Warsaw are aplenty with an employment rate at 97%. In fact, the majority of people who come to Warsaw do so for business. Sites such as Jobs Abroad, Craigslist will help you with jobs in Warsaw for English speaking professionals. Your options do open up more if you speak Polish, however, Warsaw is very English-friendly being a booming economy and financial hub. Jobs are increasing everyday and with it, so are the people who are coming here for a better lifestyle and higher investments.

With the influx of people, the demand for real estate is also rising. Along with corporate property, many residential complexes are developing in the city of Warsaw. The Centre of Warsaw, Upper Mokotow, Ochota, Wilanow, Ursynow-Kabaty, Old Zoliborz and Saska Kepa areas are the most preferred locations to stay in. On an average, the price for a rented apartment in the Centre of Warsaw is between $10 – $15 per square meter.


There are quite a few international schools in Warsaw that impart primary and secondary education in English. Warsaw University, Warsaw University of Technology, the Warsaw Agricultural University and Central School of Commerce are Warsaw`s biggest and most renowned colleges and also among Poland’s best. Education is highly regarded in Poland with 20% of Warsaw’s population being university graduates.

Warsaw enjoys sunny summers between June and August and cold winters between December and January. Visitors can visit the Warsaw Old Town Quarter and a variety of museums, churches and old buildings. The Historic Centre of Warsaw is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must visit. Travelling to these places can be done using taxis, trams, buses or the metro.

The people of Warsaw are sports enthusiasts, with the city being awarded the European Capital of Sport in 2008. Here, you can enjoy water sports, horse-riding, golf, cycling, swimming, squash  and tennis. In summer, Warsaw celebrates the festival of Wianki with many events and performances, apart from traditional rites and rituals. It is truly a city that will pull you in with its charm as well as high standard of living!