There are few places in the world where one can feel as calm and placid as in New Zealand.  Life is just a little bit smoother and more pleasant in this remote corner of the world, and people get along with each other quite well in this diverse and prosperous nation.  Part of the Commonwealth of Nations and an active member of many bilateral and multilateral free trade and security pacts (like the OECD, for example), this tiny country has taken a disproportionate role on the international scene, showing all that even dinky little nations on the brink of nowhere can be successful and modern.

Many folks choose to move to New Zealand to immerse themselves in a nicer climate with cleaner air and scenic panoramas, and also to enjoy the relatively high quality of life and enjoy all the many wonders (both natural and man-made) that have bestowed on this country an aura of paradise.  Lots of business people choose to relocate to the country because it has one of the freest markets in the world, staunchly defending open trade in all sectors of the economy, and particularly in agriculture (a mainstay of New Zealand’s national identity, and income).  With relatively low taxes, the country is a perfect place to seek out new opportunities and protect one’s wealth at the same time.

Ranked by the Legatum Institute as the first country in the world in terms of life satisfaction in the annual prosperity index the organization publishes, folks in New Zealand seem to be quite content with their lives.  For those considering moving to this idyllic and picturesque country, check out the detailed info to be found at the government’s immigration portal.  To see some luring real estate options in this country, go to, where you’ll find the most comprehensive property listings to be had for the country.

And for people looking to explore the vast mountain ranges, draped with low-lying clouds and mist banks that give way to forests and lakes and beautiful valleys, all rich in wildlife and adventure opportunities, go to Destination NZ, where there is information on how to cover the expansive terrains and also get familiar with the urban centers, like Auckland and Wellington.  And to get a sense of what life is like for expats in New Zealand—and hear some first-person accounts from individuals that have gone through the process of moving there—go to this forum, where there are several informative forums to answer all the doubts and questions of anyone considering making the move.