Sometimes having to travel overseas in search of better employment opportunities can sound so exciting but have you ever thought of the challenges that comes with finding a job once you are settled.

‘I remember how excited I was with the thought of relocating to another country. My plan to travel abroad came as an invitation from one of my friends during our usual phone conversations. His explanation of how well he was doing gave me the impression to join him abroad. He even assured me of being absorbed immediately in the job market once am there. As a fresh graduate from college, I saw it as a good opportunity. Little did I know the challenges that awaited me,’ said Ben.

So here is what you need to know.

Foreign Language barrier

If you are not able to communicate in your new foreign language, you will find it hard asking for anything let alone a job. ‘When relocating I did not put much consideration into learning the foreign language. Being a Korean I knew I would find others like me over there as well as a good job. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Even with the little and broken English, I spoke no one could understand me. One day during my interview I was given a small test to sell a product to a client in English- which I could not and I lost the job offer.’ Consequently, the language barrier is one of the challenges many face after moving to a new country.

You do not have papers

If you lack the proper documents during your application process then you will definitely miss out on any available job opportunity you come across. ‘I have come across so many people who have traveled from far countries to come and look for better-paying jobs yet they lack academic certificates or testimonials. In such a situation even if the candidate tells you how much they are qualified and they do have their certificates to back their words then it is hard to employ. Reason being you are not sure whom you are dealing with. This has made many candidates to miss out during the interview session when asked to produce the necessary testimonials. Other important documents necessary may include travel documents and permits to work for that country.’

You lack skills and experience

One of the challenges we encounter with most candidates who apply for jobs is the lack the required experience or skills for the position leading to disqualification of the candidate. Imagine advertising for an engineering job with 15 years of experience and 99 percent of the applications are from individuals who lack the experience for your job advert.

Lack of patience

Imagine being asked to work for something you never applied for? ‘My first job interview I was asked to work as a janitor, you cannot believe the shock I was in. To me it was a degrading job little did in know they were just testing me for a better one. Unfortunately, my lack of patience made me lose the job since I stormed out of the interview room something I still regret up to date.’ Sometimes you need to be patience.

You are too ambitious

Setting up unrealistic goals beyond their imaginations has made many to fail. This may include giving too many demands before being offered the job opportunity. For instance, quoting a high salary from your previous job during an interview. Such will lock you out even if you are a potential candidate. What happened to starting small and building your career as you grow? What if you are told to work as a janitor can you handle that?

You cannot adapt to the culture

Failure to adapt will may make you feel out of place. Note each country has its own cultural practices in the workplace. Be ready to make adjustments where necessary to blend in to avoid finding yourself in awkward situations. Under the local customs and how things are done so, you do not feel misplaced and miss on your job.

For anyone who is planning to go to any overseas country in search of greener pastures before embarking on your journey do your research. You can start by applying for jobs or scholarships online in your country of choice to secure yourself a chance. Planning ahead gives you enough time to get your fully prepared to tackle any challenges you might encounter.