Three years after graduating from college, I managed to secure an employment with one of the top performing companies after sending so many applications for consideration. The company was growing and new branches were being opened globally. During that time, many employees were being transferred to the new branches and I was lucky enough to be one of them. My branch was in Canada. I cannot say it was easy relocating, but rather inconveniencing and on the other hand, it became a blessing in disguise. I can say accepting the work-related transfer was the best decision I ever made. There is indeed so much out there, you can learn if given the chance and opportunity. Sometimes we need to embrace change and not fight it. Working abroad means working away from your home country, the one you’re so much used to but  I had to sacrifice all that.’

Below are some of the benefits of working in another country

Learn to adapt

Every country has its own different set of rules, values, and customs in the workplace- when you have accepted to work in a new place, you will have to adopt fast to their rules. Take time to learn each and everything so as not to find yourself misplaced. While it can be frustrating having to change your working style drastically in order to adapt, the benefits of adapting to newer conventions teaches one to be agile, compassionate, and flexible. It makes you sensitive on how people react towards you in your professional setting as well as makes you a better communicator.

Experience different cultures

Those who choose to work abroad will have an experience of the different working cultures and religions. You get to learn so much about other people’s cultures opening up a new level of knowledge by creating awareness of the surrounding and to the world at large.

Learning new languages

Moving from one country to a new one helps one to learn a variety of languages. Apart from learning your own mother tongue, you have an opportunity to learn many others languages depending on the country you are in.

‘In my own case, apart from American English, I learnt Chinese, French, and German from my co-workers.


You need to understand that the people around you are from diverse backgrounds and need to be treated differently. Unfortunately, sometimes getting them to work as a team can be a big challenge. However, while in teams you are able to learn everyone’s actions, behaviours, and ideas. Working in teams will help you to find out the best criteria and methods to motivate your team.

Increased earnings in another foreign currency

You get to earn more in a different foreign currency while working as a new employee in another country. Work-related transfer benefits being offered to employees willing to move overseas amounts to incentives, compensations, and bonuses on top of their salaries. If you have the opportunity to earn more then you also need to save more.

Building your career

While the idea of working abroad can sound so exciting especially for many, it is also a great opportunity to build your career. If you are so much willing to move to another country, it should be for the benefit of building your career. Being flexible and having the will power to work in any office in a completely different country where you do not know anyone shows the company how dedicated you are. Use this opportunity to advance in your career.

Building your network

Another benefit of working abroad is that it helps you build your network of contacts with the people in your field. You expand on your network of relationship from a local to an international level. Even when you move back to your home country, you can continue to connect and expand your network.

For instance, ‘In my case I took every opportunity to network with each and every person I met in my workplace. It is great what you can learn from your network of connections. ‘

Travel the world

‘I must say I have enjoyed my experience working in my new country. Just from working, I have been able to travel to so many places around the world even to places I could never imagine ever visiting. The experience has been beautiful and worth it.’

My last remarks for anyone who will ever land themselves such an opportunity, it is worth giving a try. Take advantage of every moment and learn.