You want to say “I love you” to someone special but you can’t. It’s an incapable feeling, but will you accept to be defeated by it every time you see your lover? I bet no.

Love is blind, so blind that we often do not see barriers as actual barriers. Instead, we avoid them by trying to fit into our partner’s lifestyle. The same case applies to language. When your new lover doesn’t speak your language, you just have to learn theirs by all odds.

But anyone who has been through this situation knows it’s not easy. So to give a helping hand, we compiled a list of the top five useful tips to walk you through it:

  1. Build your motivation

Once you have decided to explore your partner’s language, you must be fully committed to it. The good thing is, your partner is your number one motivation. Use this to your advantage and make the best out of it.

Constantly think of what you will tell them next time when you converse with them. Come up with different channels of communicating in your mind like texting, speaking, or even writing to them. Also, set aside some time for language practice. You can do it together with your partner or alone.

Once you do this, your motivation will grow day by day as you make one stride after another.

  1. Practice and make it perfect

The secret to picking up a new language is conversing. Talk, listen, and write as much as you can. Hark back to the fact that learning is always easier when you slot in as many of your senses as possible.

Learning a new language requires processing, which is far different from memorization. Grabbing a book or flashcards and memorizing their content a hundred times won’t do you any good and neither will it compare to the practical use of words in a conversation.

Believably, our minds tend to prioritize memories that involve actual social experiences and better yet, those that have emotional ties. So when you look up “how to say ‘I love you’” in your dictionary and use the French version “je t’aime” in a conversation with your lover, the obvious outcome is that you will always associate that phrase with the interaction you had with them. On the contrary, you might come by the same word over 20 times with your flashcards and not get it right in the end.

An hour of conversation with your lover is as good as a 10 hours language course by oneself or even 6 hours in a classroom. And since you are already motivated, there are no excuses.

  1. Embrace mistakes

In as much as practice will land you to perfection eventually, the road to excellence is not always smooth. Worse still, you could make it rougher if you allow the coercion overwhelm you.

To begin with, overcome the fear of making mistakes. Embrace them and the shame they drag along. Making mistakes only means that you are making an effort and your partner will undoubtedly acknowledge that.

Else, if it’s so hard to do, think and act like a child. When it comes to learning, children just go for it. They never care what other people think, they just try. Everyone learns by making a mistake, and the sooner you accept this ideology in learning a new language, the faster you will absorb it.

Remember that, if you don’t make a try, you won’t improve.

  1. Use technology

Self-help books are still a thing, but sometimes all it takes to learn a new language is a tap or a click. Modern-day learning must go hand-in-hand with technology, and when it comes to language learning, technology is particularly a life-saving tool.

There are tons of websites and apps waiting to fly you to your desired verbal freedom with your lover.  The only leap needed is to become a netizen and explore the many different options and ways you can do it.

You can even choose to carry a pocket dictionary with you. This way, you can sneak right in and steal a phrase to throw at your lover.

In as much as technology absorbs you, remember that conversation is like fuel. Use technology for reference purposes and direct the rest of the energy to speak to your partner.

  1. Watch TV shows and movies together; make it fun

Speaking and listening to your partner isn’t the only fuel to mastering a new language. Watching shows and movies is another one. Even better, it makes it more fun and intensive by listening and reacting to it with your partner. So, why not start watching TV shows with them?

Admittedly, it might seem senseless because you might not understand a single word. But as you continue to blend the above tips, you will soon break through.

Movies and shows will familiarize you with rhythms and sounds of the new language. Additionally, listening to movie soundtracks means that you are listening to the actual way in which people talk. For example, you will get a glimpse of slang and cool expressions in that language.

Better still, you could watch the same movie twice but in different languages (the ones you and your lover speak). What are you waiting for? Get on with it.