Marrying someone from another culture can be so exciting because of the new and interesting things that you can learn from each other. However, as much as it may sound so good, it can also be frustrating.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with marrying from another culture. However, before you think of marrying someone from a different culture, here are some of the things you need to consider.

Recognition of the cultural differences

So many cultural differences exist when it comes to marrying someone from a different cultural background. To create a long lasting relationship with your spouse and even with your in-laws, you should be in a position to recognize and respect their cultural practices, values, religious beliefs, and traditions. In a scenario where one couple is Japanese and the other is an American. Then both couples should agree to learn each other’s cultures.
In some instances, marrying from a different culture can mean that one of you will have to forget all their traditions and beliefs. As a person, you should ask yourself if you are willing to let go of some of your beliefs and traditions. If you are an Indian woman, will you stop putting on sari? Alternatively, if you are a woman marrying an Indian man will you be comfortable wearing saris?

The responsibility of dowry settlement also varies from different cultures; it either lies with the man or woman depending on their cultural practices. In India, it is the woman who pays for the man’s bride price. While in the western countries, it is vice versa.

Also, some cultures prohibit eating certain types of food while these food are allowed in other cultures. Therefore, it is advisable that before marrying your partner you should spend some time to understand and learn their cultural traits and their culinary differences.

Language and Communication

Because of the difference in culture, the chances are that you’re native languages are different. It is good for couples to learn each other’s language in order to make communication easy. Learning of each other’s language may include teaching your children as well as your other family members. A Chinese spouse can learn to speak English whereas an American spouse can learn to speak Chinese.

Put an effort

As much as it may be difficult, the truth is that you should at least put a little bit of effort if you want it to work. Putting effort does not mean that you try so hard No! You just need to try bit by bit. You can opt to take part in the family events or help in some activities. By putting that little effort, you create a sense of attachment between you and your in-laws. However, do not put so much unrealistic expectations. Sometimes it may take years for your in-laws to like and accept you as one of their own.

Gender roles

The responsibilities of a man and woman in a marriage vary from different cultures. In some societies like in Asian countries, it is expected that women are to take care of the home and raise children. However, in the western countries, they accord equality in the roles. The main idea here for couples is to understand what role each is to play. At some point, during your courtship, it may not matter, but once your relationship is formalized, then such gender roles in your marriage may take shape. You may end up being surprised learning about some peculiar attitudes from your partner that you never saw in them. Interestingly, during courtship, couples may share duties like cooking and cleaning but once married such task may be left to the woman only.


Marrying from a different culture can sometimes mean that one of you has to relocate from their home country permanently. This can create a lot of tension and misunderstanding between spouses. You may find that one spouse is willing to relocate while the other spouse is not comfortable with relocating. Relocation can mean living away from your parents, siblings, and relatives, which can be quite challenging. In some cultures, you may find that it is the woman who is expected to relocate to the husband’s hometown. While with some, it is a matter of agreement.

When it comes to matters of relocating couples should discuss and agree ahead of time. This also includes making arrangements on how often both of you will see their families and in-laws.

These are just some of the few tips you can sue to make your multi-cultural relationship work. There are a lot more underlying multi-cultural marriages.