We all have in our organism traces of a dance between cultures that happened before our forefathers crossed the desert, before they ventured on the wild waters of any ocean. We scream in silence the symphony that made the world what it is today.

So, don’t be left on the other side of the river wondering if the boat of change could take you there, because, my friend, it will. Jump, and be part of the caravan that sings that different tune in a multilingual style. A tune that is not different if you could hear how time plays with us. The past and the future are the essence of this present, roads of a path taken by the current events of your daily choices.  

Cross-cultural relationships are “globalization’s love life line”.  If it ever spreads like a trend or a virus, I am one hundred percent sure most international struggles would end abruptly. Honestly, how can you entertain the idea of invading the country where the relatives of the one you love still live? I am sure most leaders would find a way to accept differences, helping others to understand and acknowledge the power behind cultural barriers and the historical perspective that makes idiosyncrasies so genuinely special.

   We are related to each other in such vital ways, that we need to start to understand how much the future of new generations is held and glued together by such relations. How can you explain to some small children that the horrors of wars are most of the time based on lack of communication and lack of acceptance? For these children a game is a game and the power of laughter wins over mind driven explanations. Dating, being interested and marrying outside your culture opens a whole new way of observing the world around you. Traveling into other countries and deeply creating relationships with the people in said countries will make an impact on your world view, and we need that impact, we need to think about our children, they in turn will move on creating a world where differences will be the food that will nurture all human relationships.

  I read the news like any other person. Sometimes on my phone, and other times in  newspapers, or websites that through the years have become truthful to what I believe news should be like. So, when my husband tells me things about current events in Cuba or any south American country, I usually spend some time researching. It is clear to me that for him following current events helps him to feel part of this ever-changing global community. Everything that happens in our cities has an impact in some other part of the world, and vice versa, it is the global effect of this community that we belong to. Just because officials decided on names for some geographical areas, it doesn’t mean that we are separated. The death of a leader who was the essence of good and evil for his people is seen by other cultures not as the death of a tyrant or hero, but as the death of the leader of a nation.

And when someone from outside that country reaches out to offer his condolences, how can we react badly? It is in our human essence and decency to realize that perceptions and their magnifying cultural glass fluctuates, so  getting deeply personal about a comment or statement should be carefully observed before reactions take place. And this we learn quite often at the dinner table of a multilingual family event. Right?

 I have learned, with my partner, that being partial while not creating discomfort lead by rhetorical misinformed dialogues is one of the key tools that cross-cultural relationships feed from. In every aspect of life, clarity saves the day and the light that shines on your own perception of things when shared the proper way. By being respectful towards others views we also help to enhance the value of a subject. There are always some singularities caught in some historical events that we may not be aware of, therein lacking the full force of comprehension. When an outsider becomes part of the inner truth of a culture, the real symbiosis of cross cultural relationships happens, and that is a glorious day.

  Cuba, with all its marked differences, has added me to its global community, and whether this makes me happy or not, it has allowed me to reach deeper into the fact that no boundaries of religions, no language, no existential background can stop a foreigner from becoming part of another country. After all, we are the enthusiasm of the world and its survival.