Dating a man who speaks another language can be interesting, and even much more interesting when yours is the language they want to learn. However, we cannot rule out the fact that doing so is not an easy task. Whether they want to learn it by their own approval or your counsel, you will have to chip in. So, how do you get him to learn your language?

Learning a new language from a lover, who speaks your target language as a pro comes with lots of benefits. It is your duty to show him these benefits:

  1. He has a Goal, and that is you

Now that he has found a partner who speaks his target language, this will give him a clear purpose why he is learning that particular language. He has found someone who makes his heart flatter, and he wants to get to know her better.

  1. He will learn from experience, which is way better than books

Another best part of dating you will be that he can learn real life experiences rather from a boring book. You will need to practice with him at all times for you to grow together. He will also learn at a fast pace because it will be fun too.

  1. Fear of making mistakes is out of question

With someone he loves, he will practice with you without any fear of making mistakes. Practicing with a stranger would have been a little scary, but with you, it will be smooth and accommodating.

You will have to get comfortable with each other’s mistakes, which is also healthy for your relationship.

  1. He has a new culture to learn

If he comes from a foreign country or region, learning your language will mean that he can get another culture to affiliate himself with. You will have the benefits of new foods, and he will have a new culture and perspectives on life altogether. These are some of the ingredients of a healthy relationship.

  1. As a language learner, he won’t struggle with accountability

Language learners may struggle with accountability, but he isn’t among them. They usually do not have some who checks up on their progress, but he has you. Therefore, he won’t be hiding from the language he is learning.

After showing him the benefits of language, acknowledge that the process is not all sunshine and cuteness. There will be such challenges as miscommunication, “laziness,” and mixing a Teacher/Student dynamic into the relationship constantly trapping you on the way. There might even be scenarios when he asks nonstop questions that test your patience. To cater for these, there a few more secret recommendations about your shared desire:

Be Supportive

Learning a new language will definitely be a great experience. Your support will count towards every step he makes in his journey to mastering your language. Always point out each other’s mistakes in a gentle way.

Use the language all the time

Practice speaking together and let him remember that there is nothing as vital at this moment as that he is practicing with a native speaker. You can both do fun things together like attending language exchanges, talking to strangers, watching films, and even singing along.

You are not restricted by any barrier. You can even use immersion techniques that solo learners are fond of using. You can change his Facebook language and read books and magazines together or set up a Twitter account in the target language.

Share speaking tasks

Sometimes you may have to order in restaurants, book tickets, etc. Such instances are opportunities to harness his learning potential. Make sure that you share communication tasks to propel his improvement. If he appears reluctant, send him off on an errand or a challenge that will test his skills.

He is open to lessons

It is not necessary to attend lessons for one to learn a new language. All that grammar might even bog you down. However, lessons are still a good way of keeping him focused and motivated. To make it more interesting, you can attend together and subject yourselves to intense practice. It might not work for you, but always include lessons in his choices.

In summary, his progress of learning your language will ultimately rest on how committed you are. As a couple, you will come by several challenges time and again, but the motivation you and him share in your relationship’s growth won’t let that scare you to failure. The crucial thing is you to get out of the “couple bubble” and speak the target language as often as you can.

Also, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Make him perfect by engaging in conversation with him, even when he doesn’t seem like he wants to speak your language. As you do so, you will gently push him from his comfort zone into a sea of desire to learn.