The greatness behind being in any kind of romantic relationship comes in that mutual agreement that turns our attention towards nurturing the fire of individualism. Each one of us customizes their own power of cultural background in the defense of the unit the couples create. Therefore, the beauty of knowing how interconnected units build that unapparent threshold where we all thrive within the differences we possess, adds the building blocks needed for a relationship that will last for however long our own individuality flourishes inside the new cultural reality two people from different backgrounds learn to create.

It doesn’t matter where we come from, what matters is that unique willingness to continuously accept the responsibility we have towards the other, and also the acceptance of those tendencies that set us apart. While being in a family oriented towards personal achievement and the perpetuation of reaching individual goals and dreams, we learn that nothing is impossible and that even without the cooperation of the group, our visions for creating our own future sets an individual into a journey of self-discovery. Things we learn from such a perspective can also fire up qualities in us that can move forward those relationships we are trying to establish with a partner that doesn’t come from a similar background as our own.

Being a member of an individualistic oriented family turns us into a different kind of contemporary fighter. The economic struggles, and the constant battles we learn to face on our own are of great value to a relationship that is trying to cope with the ever changing cultural landscape of the world we live in. It helps us to be constantly ready for any circumstance that may be thrown at us. Overachieving definitely has its value; goal oriented people typically make plans ahead of time for a course of action that can yield results sooner than anticipated. This ability has such a power that the coming together of a group oriented person with an individualistic one has the proper field for harvesting a relationship where each member and their distinctive tools of actions can kindle a family unit vast in an experience built in more world exposure.

Raising children turns into a multicultural experience filled with all sorts of new venues to be explored. Children will be the biggest beneficiaries of such a diversification, it is in them where the outcome is clearly shown. They become a sort of multi layered human, surrounded constantly by both aspects of family groups. When we take a look at most immigrant families, after they moved into a society prone to have their offsprings develop a stronger sense of individuality, compared to their previous sense of community, those families see clearly how their young ones adapt at a very fast speed. The cultural shock is clear.  From the habits they learn in school to the values their new adoptive society impregnates in them. It is very soon understood how those trends can have repercussions in how the parents feel affected by what their sons and daughters are bringing in from the new country they are living in.

Adaptation has many colors and faces and it can understandably be scary for some families. However for a new partnership that’s being built by two people from different backgrounds, the game is quite different, since everyone involved already knows their own set of values. Nothing needs to be changed; all that’s left for them to do is allow differences to flourish on their own. Learning to see past the boundaries of their own qualities and structured beliefs helps them adapt to this new arena. They must mold themselves to the other without losing sight of where they come from. The offspring of such amalgamation is quite beautiful. It is in this integration where we all learn to see how diversity is our undeniable future, and how the children of such a multicultural family will learn to use that power for the betterment of themselves and those they meet.

It is obvious, now, why a Quebecoise and a Cuban could shine some truth and colors from such an emotional driven rollercoaster corporation. We both find that our multi linguistic children and their own individual concerns are specially tinted with both our distinctive background qualities. We don’t expect them to become heroes, but we do hope that in their own individualistic frenzy, the power of community grounds them into developing tools capable of enhancing how diversity has come to stay, enveloping their willingness to accept and adapt to changes that come from this constantly diversifying world we have all build for our children. That is the greatest gift any parent can receive. It is in the greatness of the coming together of individuality and community oriented families where a global family can thrive and move us into another chapter human development. I invite you to take part in this subtle yet substantial movement of parents raising multicultural children, who are deeply aware of the interconnected world in which they will soon be asked to be active participant agents. Be that change.