The day you decided to leave your home and travel abroad you unlocked a new world of expectations, desires, and thrills. You also detached yourself from your home (though it mightn’t seem so in the beginning), routines, and culture.

A lot of things change when you’re abroad but, you might not see the changes as you’re busy adjusting to the new pace of life to pay attention to yourself. To move out of your comfort zone is exhilarating, but, it can also spell your worst days, especially when you gave up something you loved. Being abroad will change you;

You become grateful for things others consider normal

Leaving the comfort of your city to travel abroad also means you’re leaving behind your sense of entitlement. You become aware that the world owes you nothing.

When you place yourself at the mercy of the world, even smiles that come unsolicited will give your heart a leap of joy. You will be lost in the middle of a new city and be compelled to ask for help, amidst this needy times you’ll meet people who’ll astound you with their acts of kindness that’ll awaken your sense of gratitude.

You change your priorities

The person you were before you left your home will not be the person that returns after years of staying abroad. Adapting to a new way of life will shake your foundation—beliefs, values, and priorities. You deviate from the path of mediocrity to a more fulfilling life. Your standards of appraising achievement stretches and the elements of accomplishment change. For instance, you’ll begin to spend more time with your family since you’ve learned that nothing is eternal.

You Kill routine

Being abroad can be therapeutic. Habits of everyday life create boredom and wear you out. Living in adrenaline rush thrills and rekindles your willpower to thrive. Your mind is always in pursuit of a thrilling adventure, and routine becomes the missing key you never want to find.

You’re always trying to adjust; learning and unlearning, dealing with down moments of failed attempts at something you’ve never done before and thrills of successes you didn’t see coming.

You grow in patience and humility

The path to adapting to life in a foreign land is littered with protocols. Nothing seems to be happening according to your expectations especially when it comes to paperwork. An activity as simple as opening a bank account may take you days!

It is appalling that most times you won’t know where to begin and where to finish. You’ll have to learn to be humble enough to ask for directions, be patient enough to stand in long queues and human enough to accept your state of vulnerability.

You Take on New Challenges

If you are a student going abroad for studies, there are chances you will need to learn methodologies of learning. Embracing technology and having to attend some classes virtually or taking exams online might become a new normal. You start to relate to the phrase ” the world is a global village” and cherish the new challenge it provides.

You become a daredevil

Whenever you shared your desire to leave your home for an adventure abroad most of your friends thought you couldn’t. Even as you listened to yourself speak your heart out, a hint of doubt still mounted on your conscience. The fear of the other world plagued you, and you got torn between the desire to explore and comfort of stability—home.

The day you overcame your fears and packed, and left, you discovered a part of you that you never knew existed before—the daredevil. Nothing seems impossible now, as the heart desires, so you acquire.

Nostalgia becomes a daily struggle

It will always haunt you; nostalgia is a lasting fragrance of a past life that never gets carried away by winds time. You might stay for years without any significant longing for home but when it happens, it strikes hard, and the memories of spending time with your family in your backyard makes you homesick.

You begin to cherish moments

Travelers are the happiest people. They have broadened their perception of life and see the good in every moment. Living in the knowledge that every minute is passing you by opens your eyes to see the beauty in every situation.

As opposed to your prior lifestyle where friends stayed, in a foreign land friends sojourn for few days, hours or even minutes making every moment you spend with them a golden opportunity.

The same happens to sceneries; when you’re hiking a mountain you know you’ll spend years before hiking again, you do it with gratitude, cherishing every step you take all the way up.

Finally, to be abroad is to be a defier of all things mediocre. ‘Normal’ becomes inexistent as every adventure sparks a discovery. You stretch your limits, and you become a better person, so travel abroad when you can, if you can.