You have dated your significant other for a while now, you both feel it is time to come together and live as a family because moving to a foreign country for the sake of love sounds both exciting and romantic. You then both decide it’s necessary to move to his country to reduce the distance and to be close to each other. Leaving your normal life behind can be hard because not only are you moving to unknown territory, you are also exposing yourself to certain vulnerabilities. We have compiled a guide that will help you transition smoothly into your new life with less stress and hiccups;

  1. Plan

Planning is the beginning of all the success in the world. In as much as you are moving to a new country to live with your love, it’s important to plan every single bit of your life for a comfortable stay. Finances for one should be the first thing you think of and plan properly from your plane ticket to fuel and accommodation if you have to connect flights to another city. Research on the activities you can do in that country as well as how you will fill in your time in the first few days. Planning should essentially take place before you board that plane to a new country. Ensure you plan your itinerary to the detail so as not to be disappointed.

  1. Research

This is also another integral part of moving to a new country. Learn all you can about a country’s cultures, traditions, language and the things they consider most important to them. Of course, you will be more likely to get stuck to familiar ways of doing things but give yourself time to adjust to the new ways. This helps you understand and be able to express yourself well with strangers. Research also helps you know if there are people from your country who live in the country you are moving to because they will help you transition even faster. Research also means finding out what you and your spouse have in common and what you like so you can involve each other in your daily lives since you will be even closer.

  1. Think positive

Moving countries is not similar to moving houses. When you travel, you acquire more knowledge and learn as you go and as we all know knowledge is power. Take this as an opportunity to expand your social circle, learn a new language, and acquire a taste for new things as well as for personal growth. As much as you will be confronted with unfamiliar situations, take all that as an opportunity for personal growth. Go to museums, buy books, takes tours and consider all these as your teachers, trust me the best way to learn something is by doing it. The most important thing is to remember that love brought you together and it doesn’t matter where you are from as long you have each other’s backs.

  1. Be patient

It is important to understand that adjusting to a new country needs some time and patience. Take Lina (32) who moved from Sweden to Ecuador to be with her Ecuadorian partner. She says everything was done differently from her hometown Gothenburg. She started getting frustrated by those differences after her initial burst excitement that comes with moving to a new country. After a while, however, she started to accept that things were never going to be the same in Quito as they were at home. Before you reach the acceptance stage, please remember to be respectful and patient with the people because, in essence, you are a guest in a foreign nation.

5. Try out new things

As much as you will be suffering from culture shock in your new country, try to break out of your little comfort zone and try out new things while learning the new culture. Human beings are conditioned to think in certain ways, therefore try to let go of your stereotypes and learn something new in the process. Take a cooking class, for instance, to learn about the local cuisine. You’ll be shocked at how much you will enjoy this and make new friends in the process.

As we mentioned earlier, love is a beautiful thing that makes us do crazy things. Therefore the best way to prepare yourself and your significant other for moving into a new country is planning beforehand. Learn all you can about what a day looks like in that country as well as things to know about that specific place. Do not rely on tourists as they are usually biased, most of the time articles are usually more accurate. The fact that you are moving closer to your partner means they will offer all the support you need to settle in as fast as you possibly can.