Moving to a different country can be rewarding for so many reasons, and you may find that some of your old assumptions are challenged.

Not everyone that lives abroad does so of their own free will. Some are posted abroad because of their job, and others bite the bullet because of career prospects.

For many people, the thought of moving abroad is a difficult one to entertain. They tend to focus on the lack of familiarity, problems integrating and missing home comforts or friends and family.

If you are worried about becoming an expat, it’s time to think about things differently. Far from being a negative experience, you may find that living away from home makes you grow as a person.

There may well be difficulties when it comes to adapting to your new life, but as the old saying goes: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Some people are more open to living abroad, and adapt more quickly, but even those that may struggle initially will end up gaining valuable life experience.

At some times in life it can feel like all of the signs point to a need for change. There are plenty of stories online about people who left a job or ended a relationship and decided to make the move abroad.

Even if your story isn’t quite so dramatic, living in a different country can provide a breath of fresh air. It can give you time to think about the lifestyle you were leading at home, and re-evaluate certain priorities.

Living away from home can be a challenge in terms of missing friends and family, but it encourages you to make new relationships. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, taking a leap into the unknown can energize you once more.

This is still true even for people that are happy with their situation in their home country. Creatives searching for inspiration often travel to rediscover their passion, and this is something that works for people from all walks of life. Getting out and exploring the world can make you feel alive in ways that you may have never experienced before.

Many people find that once they make the commitment to living abroad, it’s nothing like they imagined. All of their fears melt away once they are engaged in finding a job, making friends and getting to know their new home. To make this easier, it’s good to scope out potential destinations before you leave.

Moving abroad doesn’t have to be forever, and you can always come home. A common thread among returning expats is how their mentality has changed after spending time away. Some find that their attitude towards possessions has changed after living a more minimal lifestyle abroad, with shipping costs cutting down the amount of stuff they take with them. When they return, some people wonder why they were so worried about keeping hold of so many things.

As well as cutting down on clutter, many people report that they appreciate the relationships that they have at home to an even greater extent. Time away can give you the head space to work out what your real priorities are, and who you really value in your life.

The skills and self-confidence that you picked up by adapting to a new place will also stand you in good stead for your career. Whether you are working for a company that values adaptability, or you have picked up new skills that can help your professional development, there is plenty to be gained by living abroad for a while.

Again it is important to remember that moving abroad doesn’t mean forever. Some people find enormous benefits in spending 6 months or a year away, returning energized, inspired and with a fresh positive outlook.

If you find yourself worrying about what could go wrong during a move abroad, flip the idea on its head. Think about everything that you stand to gain in so many different ways. If that doesn’t inspire you to at least try becoming expat, then it’s hard to think of something that will!

Life is all about taking chances to improve yourself, and living abroad is one way to do just that. Yes, you may not know what awaits you, but surely that is part of the excitement.