Deciding to travel abroad can sometimes prove to be both terrifying and exciting since you have to do many preparations to ensure everything is smooth. Amongst the arrangements you must make is check with your doctor to ensure no health problem pops up while you’re gone.

Besides, you must ensure you take several tests of different diseases, including STD screening. You can never tell you have STDs since some have no apparent symptoms, and screening is the only way to know when you have an STD. Of course, moving can be a daunting process. But, you ensure you include screening in your moving abroad checklist.

First, let’s learn more about STD screening.

STD screening is the process of testing for sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STI) such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts, and genital herpes, among others. There are many ways of doing the tests depending on the type of infection.

If you are ever suspect having an STD, it would be better if you book for a screening. Testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are crucial for any sexually active persons. Besides, testing is knowing what is right for you as it can help you prevent the most damaging effects that come along with the infections.

Here are some of the reasons why you should go for STD screening before moving abroad:

Symptoms are not always present

Now, you must be aware of the several STDs available. And you may mistakenly believe that since your body doesn’t show any symptoms, you are clear of the STDs.

Get this right. Some STD infections have no symptoms, while others may indicate some signs and symptoms. Also, some symptoms may take longer to be noticed. But worst is, you can still pass on the STI to your sexual partners or your child for the cases of pregnant women.

Put in other words, you may look healthy but infected, making the spread easier. Therefore, screening would help avoid any negative impacts of STIs should you be having unnoticed symptoms. Additionally, testing is knowing the truth, enabling you to control your life even in your new city or state.

STD screening help prevent long-term health problems

There are several long-term health effects of sexually transmitted infections. Included are; infertility in both men and women, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, congenital conditions, heart related complications, and cervical cancer, among others.

We can all agree STD screening won’t prevent you from infections. However, it can help you avoid serious complications that come along with any of the sexual diseases. Besides, it will help prevent you from spreading it to your sexual partners abroad.

Now that you know some of these infections’ effects imagine what will happen to you when they are not detected in time before you travel. Therefore, you must ensure you go for STD screening before you could move abroad. 

Screening is the only way you can detect the infections and get treated before the complications worsen. Remember, some damage from untreated diseases may be irreversible. Thus you must not wait for so long before you test for STDs.

Screening is a sign of health respect

How comfortable can you be speaking to your sexual partner about STDs? It won’t be an easy task, especially when you don’t know your condition. Besides, not everyone is comfortable talking about their health status. 

However, if you decide to have STD screening before you could even move abroad would only mean one thing. You respect your health, and you want to take control of your life and those you may meet abroad as your sexual partners.

Better still, the actual reason for testing for STDs is to e ensure you can have an honest and open discussion with your partner. Either about sexual education that include safe sex or STD risks and effects. 

STD screening relieves you from unnecessary fear

Some people may notice some spots, bumps, or swelling on their private parts and immediately relates them to STDs.  But do such signs signify the presence of STDs? Maybe, maybe not. However, some spots may be signs of genital herpes or warts.

Therefore, all your answers lie with proper screening. And it’s the only way you learn to differentiate between the common Fordyce spots on your genitals from the ones of infections. Testing will relieve you from unnecessary fear. In other words, testing gives you peace of mind.


Every sexually active person can contract and transmit sexually transmitted infections. Besides, some of the STDs may or may not show signs and symptoms, making the spread easier. Therefore, to avoid complications associated with the STD infections, access to screening and proper testing is fundamental, especially when you plan to travel abroad.

STD screening will ensure you can prevent the long-term effects of STDs that may pop up while you are abroad. Also, it’s an element in maintaining good health since you get to control your life and have a peaceful mind. It’s the only way you know you have STD on not.